What Perfume Does Jimin Use?

Jimin loves the scent of orange blossom, clementine, orange blossom, iris, and water lilies, it’s a delicate scent with notes of clementine, orange blossom, iris, and water lilies, it’s a scent that he loves. It feels fresh and new.

What would Jimin smell like?

Jimin describes him as a person who smells like roses, peaches, orange,Vanilla and baby powder with his Ltelier perfume.

What is Jimin fav brand?

Jimin sometimes wears fancy clothes from his favorite brand, Gucci, because he likes wearing casual clothing.


What do Jimin likes?

Pork, beef, duck, chicken are some of the food Jimin likes to eat. He likes to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Jimin drinks hot chocolate when he is depressed because it makes him forget. It’s a beautiful thing!

What is Jimin allergic to?

Jimin said that he can’t adopt a cat because of his allergies.

What is Jimin favorite meat?

Jimin was a person. Pork, Duck and Chicken are some of the most popular dishes in Jimin.

What is the good habit of Jimin?

The five endearing habits of Jimin are wrinkling, nose snoozing, and more. Jimin has mastered the art of attraction.

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What chocolate does Jimin like?

Jimin, who topped ‘Stars people want to give cholocate to on Valentine’s Day’ for two years in a row, drew global attention as famous Belgian ice cream maker Magnum confessed Jimin is their favorite chocolate.

What snacks does Jimin like?

Jimin used to say that late-night snacks weren’t something you suppress. We agree that it is something you embrace.


Which perfume does Jungkook use?

There is a clear perfume in the dress. If you’re under budget, you can still smell W. DRESSROOM Clear Perfume in your closet.

What is Jimin favorite accessories?

Jimin’s accessory collection requires your attention today. Jimin is obsessed with earrings and how, as well as his changing hair colour and hairstyle. Jimin’s earring collection includes small hoop earrings, stylish danglers, and more.

What is Jimin cute habit?

There are five endearing habits of the Jimin. Jimin has mastered the art of attraction because he has been clumsy and fallen off chairs.

What is Jimin Favourite item?

According to reports, Jimin’s favourite food item is a stew with different kinds of meat.

What is Jimin Favourite snack?

Fire chicken noodles are one of Jimin’s favorite snacks. He’s a big fan of it.

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