What Mascara Does Jlo Wear?

MaryPhillips, the makeup artist who created Lopez’s look at the People’s Choice Awards last night, revealed the secret behind the A-lister’s sexy lids in a post on her social media accounts. The woman shared that she used a dark star volumizing mascara to give a gift.

What kind of eyelashes does Jennifer Lopez wear?

Lopez uses the Huda Beauty faux lashes to create her long lashes. The lashes are easy to use, and they use tapered fibers to create a fluffy appearance along the lash line.

What is JLo favorite lipstick?

There is a color of pink. A make-up artist has created a make-up look for Lopez at the nude dress. She wears pink eye shadows with an orange tint on her eyelid and a pink lipstick on her lips. There is a product called Rouge Interdit de la Givenchy.

What does Jennifer Lopez wear on her lips?

Every item was included in the press release that was shared by the brand. The shade Structure is the shade of the lip pencil.

What eyebrow pencil does JLo use?

Shoppers can save 30% on the pencil, which is available in multiple shades, if they buy it now. J. lo’s makeup artist told Vogue that good brows can make a big difference.

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