What Is Pura Fragrance?

You can personalize your scent experience with premium, designer grade fragrances from the convenience of your mobile device. There is an app that can be controlled from anywhere. There is a custom schedule for you. Make the scent more intense. There is a mode called away mode.

Are Pura fragrances safe?

The scents of Pura are pet-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. The creation of a clean fragrance with no harmful chemicals or ingredients was one of the most important aspects of the company.

What is Pura scent?

It’s a smart home scent diffuser that plugs into a regular outlet and can be used on a schedule. After a week of using my device, I ordered a bunch of new perfumes for my birthday.

Is Pura really worth it?

This is a very good one. I have used candles, Febreze, Glade plug-ins, and various essential oil diffusers, and this smart little device topped them all. They used all their scent to kill it. The smell is very good.

How does the Pura work?

You can set up a scent schedule from your phone, and you can be in control of what scents you get, how strong you want them to be, where and when to control the odors. Log into the app and you will be able to get fresh smells in your house.

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Is Pura safe to breathe?

The Pura fragrances are made with no harmful toxins or artificial preservatives, which makes them different from other fragrances that can contain toxic ingredients. It’s safe to use around pets.

Is Pura a fire hazard?

It isn’t a fire hazard because it offers plenty of fragrance. While burning a scented candle can give you some control over the smell of your home, there is a device that can do it better. You can control the intensity of the scent with this smart home fragrance Diffuser by the brand Pura.



Is Pura diffuser worth?

If your house is filled with musty odors and fishy stenches, the Pura Diffuser can provide you with fresh air whenever you need it. With a following of over 97.4k on social media, it seems that Pura is a contender.

How long do Pura cartridges last?

If you want to switch between the two scents immediately, the smell doesn’t linger after the device is turned off.

What does Capri Blue Volcano smell like?

My candle of choice is the Volcano candle. The scent is described astropical fruits and sugaredCitrus. This candle can be found in cans and jars.

How do I connect Pura to WIFI?

If you want to force close the Pura Mobile App, you have to restart it. If you want to try the setup again, log in and back into the app. If you want to uninstall the app, you have to do it in the app store.

Are Pura scents toxic?

Anything that is branded with the word “Pura” has no Additives, Chemicals, or Toxics. It has been our goal since the beginning of the company to make our families and pets feel comfortable using our scent.

Is Pura all natural?

All of their fragrances have to be family friendly. They want their fragrances to be free of harsh chemicals such as parabéns, dichlorobenzene, and petrolatum. Natural ingredients and essential oils make up the fragrances.

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Does Pura help with dog smell?

The Pura Air Smart Odour Eliminator is an ionizer that can be used to remove airborne particles that can be harmful to your pet. The Pura Air Odor Eliminator is a small air ionizer that can be used on dogs and cats.

Are airwick warmers safe?

There are warnings about the risk of electric shock and fire danger. This isn’t a toy and isn’t intended for children to play with. Only adults are allowed to use it. Plug only into a properly functioning 120-volt electrical wall outlet where the product is not allowed to touch bed covering or other material.

Do plug-ins stop working?

Each plug has a built in safety mechanism that shuts off if it gets too hot. You can get a replacement at your nearest Bath & Body Works store.

Why can I not smell my Pura?

Can you not smell your fragrances? Don’t worry, we are fine! The intensity of our fragrances is influenced by a number of factors, including the strength, oil level, and device run time. See the Weak Smell Variables for more information.

Does Pura work without wifi?

If you need more information on your WIFI compatibility, please refer to the article. If your device is unplugged, disconnected, or unresponsive, your app may send a Offline message.

Does Pura work with only one scent?

You can switch between scent bottles with the help of the Pura. It’s not possible to turn both scent on at the same time.

How long do Pura scents last unopened?

If you run 8 hours a day at a level 5 intensity, you can expect your scent to last up to two weeks. If each device holds two fragrances, your scent will last a month before you need to replace it.

Can you put Pura behind furniture?

It is a good idea to keep your device away from furniture. 24 inches of clearance above and around the device is recommended by us.

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Does Pura work with Alexa?

It’s possible to tell Alexa to turn on or off Pura, but it only controls the light and not the scent. If you integrate the skill into a routine, you can set light and scent intensity, which scent you want to turn off, and the light color.

What smell is volcano candle?

The candle has a scent. The scent of the Volcano is fresh and powerful with notes of tropical fruit and sugar. Both women and men approve of it.

Why do Anthropologie candles smell so good?

If you have ever wondered why Anthropologie smells so good, it is because of this candle. The just-strong-enough smell fills the air and makes you want to cross the threshold. The store’s sweet smell was a perfect match for all the candles that were burning.

Why is Pura light red?

The support team said it was an issue with the network if it only flashed red. If you need to reset that, please do so.

How much is a Pura subscription?

If you subscribe to the Pura Smart Home Fragrance device, you will get new luxury fragrances every month. Depending on the fragrance, the subscription price can be as low as $12-$20.

Is Air Wick botanicals safe?

There are a number of ethoxylated ingredients in many of AirWick’s products. There are two toxic ingredients used in the process of making these ingredients. The end products were found to be contaminated.

Why is my Pura blinking green?

There is a red and green flashing light on the screen of your device.

How do I set up a second Pura account?

You can add another device by selecting the ‘+ Icon’ in the top right corner. There are two things. The second device should be plugged in in an upright position. If your device’s nightlight is not blue, you need to reset it.

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