What Is Mascara Primer Used For?

Prepare your lashes for your mascara without clumping is something you can do with your mascara primer. Make your lashes strong by maintaining and caring for them. Don’t shorten your lashes because they will look long and lush.

Should you use a mascara primer?

You are making a mistake if you don’t use eyelash primer before putting on mascara. Everyone needs to use eyelash primer. It makes you have longer lashes.

Does eyelash primer really make a difference?

We can tell you that eyelash primer is worth the extra step. Cocktailed with your mascara, eyelash primer increases the volume of spindly hairs and extends their length for a false eyelash effect. Some formulas have been tinted. This increases the density of the lashes, making them look bigger.

Is eyelash primer bad for your lashes?

Here is why you should not use the lash primer. Most primers have alcohol in them that dries out the lashes. It’s important to have healthy natural lashes in order to have a long set.

Can you just wear eyelash primer?

It can be worn alone or with your favorite mascara. The primer makes lashes look feathery. The wand should be moved at the base of the lashes. You can either wear alone or layer your favorite mascara.

How do you apply mascara primer?

You should apply eyelash primer before applying mascara. To get a volumized look, be sure to coat your lashes in the primer and work one eye at a time. We like to coat the room with two coats of primer.

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Why is mascara primer white?

A mascara primer can be white or transparent. Adding black or colored mascara will cover the white color of the mascara primer. The primer has a white texture that makes it easier to see which part of the lashes is covered.

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