What Does Blue Eyeshadow Mean?

A shorthand for the idea of beauty, blue eyeshadow is similar to red lipstick and pearl necklaces. Children draw on their paper dolls what Disney princesses and villains look like. It’s often seen in drag as it is used to create stories and tell stories.

Is it OK to wear blue eyeshadow?

You have the ability to. That’s right, you! If you know how to apply blue, it will work on anyone. Continue reading for a breakdown of all things blue eye makeup, starting with the best blue eyeshadows.

What decade is blue eyeshadow?

The shade of blue makes a return every 20 years or so, according to a deeper dive into it. The first time it was popular was in the 1960s, in the form of creamy pastels.

Who wore blue eyeshadow?

The country was introduced to one of the most outrageous and clownish women on television almost two decades ago. “Mimi Bobeck” was Drew Carey’s blue-eye shadow-wearing coworker and arch nemesis on “The Drew Carey Show,” a part played by the hilarious Kathy Kinney.

Where do you put blue eyeshadow?

Dean said to put blue shadow in unexpected places, such as the inner corner of your top lid or along the lower lash line. You can match your eyeshadow and eyeliner if you feel daring.

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Did they wear blue eyeshadow in the 70s?

One of the most popular eyeshadow trends of the 70s is slowly making its way back into society, appearing in the likes of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Urban Decay. One thing we can learn from this trend is to use bright colors for a cool look.

Was blue eyeshadow popular in the 80s?

Her 1980s beauty look included redness on her cheeks and blue eyeshadow.

When did people wear blue mascara?

“I think the blue mascara trend is so fun,” said the Global Artistic Director at Laura Geller in an interview. It’s pretty and modern with a nod to the ’80s and punk rock era. Keeping the eye shadow soft is important when wearing blue mascara.

What color goes with blue eyeshadow?

If you want to keep the 80s vibes at bay, you should let blue eyeshadow be the star. There was no redness to the lips or blush. Pair with nude lipgloss, black mascara, and a pop of blush on the cheeks for a beautiful look.

Should blue eyes wear blue eyeshadow?

Adding blue eyeshadow to your eyes is a simple way to make them look better. If you have grey eyes, use a light blue eyeshadow and silver shimmer to create a day or evening look.

What should you not wear with blue eyes?

If you have light blue eyes and white hair, don’t wear dark colors near your face. You’ll be washed out by it. It will look better if you wear pastels. Darker shades will flatter your face.

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What color makes blue eyes pop the most?

If you want to emphasize your blue irises, you can use gold and red and yellow colors. The blueness of your eye makes them pop. Warm shades make blue eyes look better.

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