What Color Mascara Makes Green Eyes Pop?

A purple or violet-colored mascara is the best choice for a flash of color against green eyes. The shade of purple on the colour wheel will frame the eyes and create an almost spotlight effect.

What color mascara is best for green eyes?

You can use burgundy or purple mascara on green eyes. Burgundy and other red tones complement green on the color wheel, while purple is a part of the color family. Both of these gorgeous shades are perfect for you. If you want a bright color, go for the blue.

What colors make green eyes pop?

The color wheel is where it goes back to. Any shadow with red undertones makes green eyes pop. No shades of lavender, violet, or aubergine are out of bounds.

Does purple mascara make green eyes pop?

It turns out there is a legitimate reason why green eyes look better in purple or burgundy. Green and burgundy are not the same and a burgundy tone will compliment green eyes.

Does green mascara look good with green eyes?

Green is an eye color that can be enhanced with a pop of green mascara.

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Is brown mascara better for green eyes?

If you have blue or green eyes, brown mascara is a great option because it brings out the color in the irises. It prevents the look of black mascara from being too dark. If you have an olive skin tone, brown mascara can be used to give you a soft look.

How can I make my eyes look more green?

If you want to draw out the green in your eyes, you can use eye shadow, mascara, and eye pencil. I would use a thin green line to outline the eye. Unless you are going to a costume party, don’t use green makeup. Too much is what that is.

Is blue mascara good for green eyes?

If you have green eyes, blue mascara can make you look brighter. If you want to make your lashes pop even more, apply a dusting of pale peach eyeshadow across your lid.

What eyeliner is best for green eyes?

If you have green eyes, purple eyeliner is a great choice. Pick shades of purple, violet, and aquamarine. You can make your eyes pop with midnight blue, green, grey, and purple.

How do you wear green mascara?

If you want to fully embrace the green mascara trend, you should use an all-over application. Place the brush at the base of your lashes and sweep it to the tips to apply the green formula.

What color mascara makes hazel eyes pop?

If you have hazel eyes, you should use the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original WashableBold Eye Mascara in Deep Green. It will play in your eyes. It’s a good idea to jazz up your lashes with a two-toned eye makeup look.

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