How To Make Your Mascara Less Clumpy?

If your mascara is drying out, you can try soaking it in warm water. This will help make the formula softer and less clumpy and will allow you to use every last bit.

How do I Unclump my mascara?

The only thing you need is a glass of water. The mascara tube should be dropped directly into the water. You can let the tube hang out there for a while. When the time is over, you can use it again.

Why does my mascara always look clumpy?

It’s easy for clumps to form if there is too much mascara on the brush. Williams says that the best way to get rid of excess on the brush is to lightly brush it on a tissue. Mae suggests using a clean wand to remove the brush from the side of the tube.

How do I reactivate my mascara?

A tube of mascara can be put in a coffee mug with hot water. The heat will make your mascara last longer and it will make the solution softer.

How can I bring my mascara back to life?

If you put water in the tube, don’t do it. Stand your tube in the hot water. It should be left in for a while. The heat will make the mascara softer and give it a smooth application.

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