How To Keep Mascara From Smudging?

Why does my mascara always run under my eyes?

The oil in our skin, or creamy products applied around the eyes, can make the mascara transfer onto skin even after the mascara is dry. Sweat and heat can cause mascara to run, even if you don’t have oily skin.

Why does my mascara smudge throughout the day?

The oils on your skin can cause your mascara to smudge. You need to start with clean skin in order to reduce the chances of it happening. Since your eyes can get oily at the beginning of the day, you should use a cleanser that is safe around your eyes.

Is there a mascara that doesn’t smudge?

Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara is smudge-proof and easy to remove. The brand claims that the formula will stay put for at least 15 hours.

Should you put mascara on lower lashes?

When putting on mascara, use your bottom lashes as a starting point. If you look down, your top lashes will be smudged. This will make your lashes look curled. If you keep repeating this, you will get thick lashes.

Why does my waterproof mascara always smudge?

Do you know what waterproof mascaras are not? The oil is oil-proof. The reason you’re having smudges is probably due to oil on your face. There is no difference between mascara that is waterproof and mascara that is not waterproof.

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