How To Conditioner Wash Your Hair?

Can you use just conditioner to wash your hair?

Co- washing is when you only use conditioner to wash your hair and not the other way around. Unless you already use oils and butters on your hair every day, massaging conditioner through your roots can sound crazy.

Does shampoo or conditioner go first?

If you want to cleanse the hair before you use a conditioner, use a cleanser. If you want to get the best results, follow these steps. If you have a small amount of hair on your hand, rub it into it.

Can I skip shampoo and just use conditioner?

The next step on the “no ‘poo” path is co- washing, or conditioner washing, using a cleansing conditioner but no shampooing. The idea behind co-washing is that it’s a more gentle way to clean your hair, since it doesn’t have to use harsh detergents.


What happens if you don’t wash out conditioner properly?

The ingredients not being washed out could cause your hair to feel sticky. If left on the hair, most conditioners have the potential to cause a build up of gunk on the skin and hair.


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