How Much Is Nars Mascara?

Which Nars mascara is better?

If you like the look of lashes that are dramatic, then the Climax Extreme is for you. It’s good to know that it’s so intensely black, even if your lashes are pale or dark, because it will make a difference.

Is Nars makeup waterproof?

If you rub or get your face wet, it won’t have any transfer or smudges. It is buildable and has a full fluffy brush.

Is Nars climax a tubing mascara?

There are rings on the red-enameled tube that holds the mascara. There’s a little bit of a Red Room vibe, but it’s still a good movie and it’s not too bad.

Is Nars climax mascara smudge proof?

My lashes didn’t look or feel fried because it held curl all day and night. This is my new favorite mascara after I saw it stay smudge-proof and intact after a 99-degree day.

How good is Nars Mascara?

The Nars Climax Mascara is very good. I think it makes lashes appear longer and thicker because of the large brush that coats them. I wear one coat on the day and two on the night. It lasts a long time without being smudged.

Does Nars test on animals?

Where required by law, the NARS does not test on animals. Alternative testing methods are being worked on by the NARS. We can work towards a cruelty-free world, that’s what NARS is hoping for.

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Is Nars Mascara hypoallergenic?

SkinSAFE reviewed the ingredients of Nars Fragrance Mascara Mini 0.08 oz and found it to be free of many allergy causing ingredients.

Is climax by Nars waterproof?

If it’s waterproof, you have to clean it up with a q-tip or use liquid eyeliner to make it look better. There is a difference between smudge or clump proof.

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