How Many Times Can You Bleach Your Hair Reddit?

Can I bleach my hair 3 times?

It depends on how much damage you want to do to your hair. You don’t want to use bleach on your hair a lot. We don’t recommend that you do this process more than two or three times.

Is there a limit to how many times you can bleach your hair?

If you bleach your hair more than once every 8 to 10 weeks it will damage it. It’s important to know that hair bleach is a very hard process to endure.

Will my hair fall out if I bleach it 2 times?

It’s important to understand that bleach is a delicate process for hair. It is possible to bleach your hair twice, but not twice in a row on the same day. You can lose hair in clumps if you touch it.

How long do I have to wait between hair bleaches?

If you leave bleach on your hair too long, it can cause damage. It’s important to follow the instructions on the box and wait at least 14 days between sessions.

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Should I bleach my hair again if it turned orange?

You won’t be able to get your desired color from orange roots alone. It’s not possible to hope that the orange will go away over time. If you want to get rid of orange roots, you have to change the shade. It is possible to do this by using a hair removal product.

Can I bleach 2 days in a row?

If your hair is healthy and you’re using a quality product, you shouldn’t have to bleach it twice in a row. If your hair is already damaged or if you are using a harsh bleaching product, you should not bleach your hair for two days in a row.


Can I bleach my hair 4 times?

Can you tell me how many times you can bleach my hair? It is not certain. If your hair is breaking because of over-bleaching, you should either cut it or take a break from being so light.

How many times can you bleach your hair without killing it?

You can bleach it if you want, but it will fall out in the process. If you want to keep your hair healthy, don’t bleach it more than once every two weeks.

What happens if you bleach your hair too much?

Why is bleach bad for hair? Your hair’s outer cuticle is raised when you bleach it. Rapid and continuous loss of humidity from your hair can be caused by repeated bleaching.

Does bleach speed up hair loss?

Hair does not fall out if you bleach and highlight it. If there’s a chemical mistake, hair loss can be caused by bleach.

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Can I bleach my hair again after 24 hours?

You may be able to see that your locks are different. You might think that it’s okay to go for another round. If you bleach your hair twice in one day, it’s not safe to bleach again.

Does bleaching hair speed up hair loss?

Bleaching increases the likelihood of hair loss, but it isn’t directly related to hair loss. As your hair gets more damaged, brushing and sleeping will cause more damage. The hair does not fall out as a result of the damage done to it.

How often should I wash my hair if I bleached it?

If you bleach and highlight your hair, it will absorb excess oil and make it look less greasy. You can go two to four days without washing with most color-treated ladies.


How do you fix Orange bleached hair?

If you have a bad bleach job, you will need a purple toner. The yellow can be mitigated by the use of purple hair products. If you have orange hair, you will need a blue rinse. You can get rid of the orange by using a blue hair product.

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