How To Use Eyebrow Definer?

How can I make my thin eyebrows look thicker? Maribeth Madron, a New York-based makeup artist and global eyebrow expert, says that the only way to make brows thicker is to stop waxing, threading, and tweezing.   How do I choose an eyebrow color? If you want to stay within two shades of your hair … Read more

How To Use A Brow Definer?

Do you put brow setting gel on before or after? Clear or tinted brow gel is the best way to keep your work in place after you have filled in your brows. Make it last so you don’t have to worry about it again. Adding definition to sparser brows is possible with tinted brow gels. … Read more

How To Use Brow Definer Pencil?

How do you use Anastasia triangular brow pencil? Use the pencil’s fine tip to create strokes on the front of the brow. Pull up in the direction of hair’s natural growth if you start at the base of the brow. This technique can be used throughout the sparseness. Continue to blend throughout the application. What’s … Read more

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