Can I Use Mascara With Falscara?

The glue on the Kiss Falscara is black, so it’s not necessary to wear mascara. The glue is similar to a mascara and will coat your lashes. You won’t be able to tell which ones are your real lashes and which ones are the wisps after applying them.

Can you put mascara on Falscara?

Is it possible to apply Falscara? Falscara is the same as mascara and is applied under your natural lashes. You’re good for the day if you brush Bond under your lashes, Falscara wips with the easy to use applicator, and Seal under them.

How long do Falscara lashes stay on?

At a fraction of the time and cost, results are as beautiful, comfortable and realistic as eyelash extensions. Falscara wips can be worn for a day or up to 10 days.

Does Falscara ruin your lashes?

She said that it’s possible to disrupt natural eyelash growth with both of them. She says that you should give your lashes a break between periods of wearing them.

Can I sleep in Falscara?

Falscara WISPS has a stronger hold up to 10 days and can be used with overnighter. After applying BOND, WISPS, and SEAL, apply a thin line under the WISPS, which is close to the WISP bands.

Can you wear Falscara lashes overnight?

Kiss Falscara Overnighter prolongs the wear on your Falscara Wisps. You can brush a thin line of Overnighter under the Falscara Wisps after applying them. It’s best to apply close but not too close to the bands. It is possible to apply 2 to 3 coats for a stronger hold.

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What does the Falscara overnighter do?

The new addition to the FALSCARA system is called NightRider. It is possible to place WISPS under your natural lashes for an amazingly natural look, BOND to prep lashes, SEAL to locks WISPS in place for all day wear, and APPLICATOR for optimal WISP placement.

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