Can I Use Mascara After Cataract Surgery?

It’s okay to wear facial cosmetics if they don’t get in the way of your eyes. It is possible that mascara and eyeshadow can cause infections in the eyes. It’s a good idea to wait about seven days after surgery to get back to normal.

How long after cataract surgery can you use mascara?

Most patients should not wear make up for at least a week after surgery. One month after surgery may be required for some patients.

Can I wear mascara 2 weeks after cataract surgery?

You should wait at least four days before using powder based make-up products such as blushers, and two weeks before wearing any eye makeup such as mascara, because small particles or liquids from the makeup could come into contact with your eye and increase the risk of you developing an infectious disease.

Why can’t I wear eye makeup after cataract surgery?

If you get makeup particles or tap water in the eye, you’re more likely to get an infection. If you wait two or more weeks to apply makeup, your eyes will have a chance to heal.

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When can I bend over after cataract surgery?

You shouldn’t bend over for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. If you bend over, it will put pressure on the eye, which may cause unnecessary problems.


Can I wash my hair after cataract surgery?

It is possible to wash or shower your hair the day after surgery. Water, soap, hair spray, and shaving cream should not be in your eye for the first week. Don’t put pressure on your eye for a week. Don’t wear eye makeup for a long period of time.

Can I cook after cataract surgery?

We don’t recommend patients to cook for at least a week after surgery. It will take time for your eyes to heal. It’s important to avoid activities that could cause stress for them because they might be more sensitive.

How many days after cataract surgery can you wash your face?

How do I clean my face after surgery? You should not expose your eye to direct water contact for at least a week after your surgery, as this will make it harder to maintain your hygiene. It is possible to wash your face the day after your surgery, but only if you don’t touch your eye.

Should I wear my old glasses after cataract surgery?

Can they be worn safely? You won’t hurt your eyes if you wear your old glasses. Since your vision will improve after surgery, you may want to not wear them.

Can I watch TV after cataract surgery?

Patients are able to watch tv or look at a computer screen for a few hours after surgery. It is important that you do not over-exert your eyes in the first 24 hours after surgery. The first week will be when most activities will return to normal.

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What happens if you don’t wear sunglasses after cataract surgery?

UV rays are one of the most common causes of cataracts. Doctors recommend that you wear sunglasses for a year after surgery.

Can I sit in the sun after cataract surgery?

You need to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. You are more sensitive to the sun’s rays after you have surgery. You should wear sunglasses whenever you are outside. The sun’s damaging UV rays can be seen whether it’s raining or sunny.

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