3 Best Fragrance For Lume

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NutraBlast Intimist Feminine Essential Oils Blend Spray (2 fl oz) | All Natural Intimate Deodorant for Women | Works Well for Dryness, Odor, Itching & Burning

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What is the favorite Lume scent?

Thankfully, my friend gave me the ones she didn’t like so I got to try them out. I like the scent of Clean Tangerine the most. It’s strong, but if you like the flavors, you’ll like it as well. If you have a stinky problem like mine, give Lume a try.

Does Lume smell weird?

It has a slightly weird smell, but it goes away in a few seconds. I don’t think it has a smell while I wear it. I don’t smell like a body odor or a scent because I sweat a lot. I have noticed that this lasts a long time as well.

What does lavender sage Lume smell like?

In Lume’s original signature scent, lavender is combined with a hint ofSage to make it peaceful and calming. All your dreams come true when you smell this.

Does Lume really work on private parts?

It’s possible to use Lume anywhere you have a smell. Skin folds, belly buttons, feet, and private parts can be found under your breasts.

How do I apply Lume to my private parts?

If you want to cover the hairbearing area, apply a trace amount of Lume to the center of the pit. If you have enough cream, rub it in for 4 to 5 seconds.

Which is better native or Lume?

The Native alternative is clinically proven to be more effective and doesn’t cause skin irritation. In a head-to-head against Native and Schmidt’s, Lume was found to control odor 6x longer.

What does juniper berry Lume smell like?

I liked the scent of the berry when I first got it. It smells like a tree to me. It had a mild almond scent and I didn’t smell the citrus notes at all.

What does bay rum smell like Lume?

Bay Rum has a spicy, oldie, but goodie scent with hints of cinnamon, cloves, and lemon. It’s a historically masculine scent that will become a favorite for everyone.

What is the active ingredient in Lume?

Mandelic Acid, Tapioca Starch, Behenyl Alcohol, and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride are Naturally Derived Fragrances.

Does Lume clog pores?

These ingredients can cause a lot of problems, such as burning the skin and making the problem worse. Lume contains baking soda, aluminum, and vegan ingredients. Lume makes it impossible for odor to be masked. Lume is a pre-odorant and not a de-odorant.

What does Lume warm vanilla smell like?

Lume’s WarmVanilla is a smooth, sweet, and spiced beverage. There is a warm and comforting scent of natural vanilla bean kissed with a hint of spices.

What does Jasmine Rose Lume deodorant smell like?

The floral notes in Lume’s Jasmine Rose blend with essential oils to keep it fresh.

Does Lume help yeast infections?

It is great for athlete’s foot and ladies who are prone to yeast infections. It could be used regularly to help defeat odor and act as a preventative treatment.

How do you use Lume wipes?

Lume wipes are safe for sensitive skin, so you can use them wherever you have an odor, even if you don’t like it. A little jiggle under your arms, under skinfolds, private parts, and feet, and you will be good to go.

Is Lume sold in Walmart?

Lume Natural Deodorant – Under arms and private parts – aluminum-free, baking soda-free, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin – 2.2 Ounce Stick is available at Walmart.com.

What is better than Lume?

There is a 100% plant-based formula in the product. It’s free of a number of harmful substances. The formula has a blend of coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil that works to soothe the skin.

Why does Lume deodorant stop working?

If you have stress or hormones, you need a new product that will address your needs. If the conditions of your armpits have changed, you will no longer be able to use a deodorizer.

What makes Lume different?

Lume can be purchased in stick and tube forms. The tube and stick have the same creamy formula, but the stick acts as an applicator, whereas the tube has to be applied with your hands.

What does Silver Spruce Lume smell like?

The scent of the Silver Spruce is fresh and fragrant. Jasmine Rose has essential oils that are naturally derived to keep you fresh and fancy.

What happened to Lume juniper berry?

Go, go, go! We don’t have a lot left, so we are ending Crisp Juniper sticks. They won’t come back once they’re gone.

What does rum smell like?

Rum is used in perfume to make it smell good enough to drink or eat. It gives a mouth-watering smell to the fragrances and really appeals to our senses. A creamy, delicious vibe is created by the combination of rum and vanilla.

Does Lume sweet lily smell good?

There is a scent called Lume. It keeps me stink-free and doesn’t stain my shirt. Even though it isn’t an antiperspirant, it keeps me dry. I don’t have a body odor, the skin in my pits is smooth, and I have stopped ruining my shirts.

Is Lume actually good?

Out of 3,469 reviews, Lume sticks and Lume tubes have a 4.5 and 4.2 star rating, respectively. Good can come a little bad. Some users had a different experience than others. I wanted to like this.

Can you get a rash from Lume deodorant?

It was an awful product. I used the product for 5 days and then got a rash in my arm pit. I’ve gone to my doctor, been on antibiotics, and tried a few prescription creams. It’s still there and hurts.

Does Lume help with acne?

The acid formula in Lume Acidified BodyWash is powered by mandelic acid which has been shown to protect the acid mantle and microbiome of the skin. It has been proven to be an effective remedy for skin that is prone to eruptions.

How long does it take for Lume to work?

Lume blocks odor before it even gets a chance to start. As you get closer to the two week mark, you will see that it is more effective. You will begin to notice that you need less and less when you use it for a couple of weeks.

Does Dove have gel deodorant?

You can find a full range of Dove Men+Care products, including body washes, face and body bars, antiperspirant deodorants, dry spray antiperspirant deodorants, and hair care products.

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