Do Hair Serums Work?

Losing hair can’t be caused to grow back, or even speed up hair growth for our patients, because hair serums can’t do that. The rate of hair growth is determined by genetics. The average rate of hair growth is about half an inch a month, and it varies from person to person. Are hair serums … Read more

How Much Ghd Hair Straightener?

Is A ghd straightener worth it? I highly recommend the ghd Platinum+ Styler to anyone who is looking for a high-quality hair straightener that will give them professional-level results. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it for the stronger, shinier, and more color protected hair it provides. Why are ghd straighteners so expensive? 18k gold … Read more

Is Hair Mask Good For Scalp?

There are hair masks that can help with hair care. They help with dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. There are hair masks that can improve the health of your hair and make it stronger. Is it OK to put hair mask on scalp? If your hair is dry and you’re using a mask, then you … Read more

How Many Years Do Fragrances Last?

Some perfumes can last a long time, while others only last a short time. The average perfume lasts between three and five years. The heavier the base notes of the perfume, the longer it will last. Can fragrances last 10 years? It’s possible for a perfume to last between one to 10 years. The shelf … Read more

How Many Drops Of Argan Oil For Hair?

You can use your hands to massage a few drops of argan oil into your hair. If you have long hair, adjust the amount as necessary. If you want to keep your hair covered from roots to ends, you need to massage it for 10 minutes. You can leave your hair on overnight by wrapping … Read more

How To Use A Solid Brush Cleaner?

What is solid brush cleanser? A deep clean of your makeup brushes can be accomplished by using SolidBrush Cleaner. This is a perfect travel partner. How do you use Revolution solid brush cleaner? It is a must have for cleaning on the go. When the brush starts to foam, place it into the solid brush … Read more

Which Hair Color Suits Me Filter?

Is there a filter that picks hair color for you? You cam makeup is the best app to try on blonde hair color filters, it has multiple options, precise and free. The YouCAM Makeup Hair Color feature allows users to try up to 150 hair colors with a live camera, or change their hair color … Read more

Will Hair Dye Ruin Keratin Treatment?

Is it a good idea to color my hair after a treatment? It is recommended that you wait between 2 or 3 weeks before coloring your hair if you are using the Original, Chocolate, or Advanced formulas. If you use Soft Treatment or Soft Chocolate Treatment, you can color your hair at any time. Is … Read more

Can I Use Lash Serum After Lash Lift?

After you have had your lashes lifted, apply a mascara or a conditioner to your eyes. It is possible to keep your eyelashes strong, soft, and healthy by using a lash conditioner. We need to care for our lashes in the same way we care for our hair. Can you use lash serum with lash … Read more

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